Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Brodyspark: intro

Hi my name is Chris Brody and I have now been blogging off and on, mostly about mobile app programming as well as a few other subjects since April this year. I have a masters degree in electrical engineering from Stanford and have been programming mobile messaging servers for over 14 years. I am also getting into building business online, starting at a small scale, and am now really starting to discover the significance of blogging on a regular basis. My idea now is to combine most of these subjects into a single blog that I will keep based on a personal brand.

One of my challenges has been how to brand myself in a way that should cover my talents in innovation, app design and programming, building online businesses, and a little bit of blogging. While looking for a good dot-com name I came up with "brodyspark" for myself when I was thinking about the phrase "perfect in weakness" from the New Testament. I will now build this blog to cover all of these subjects except for my faith, which I will keep on a separate blog for those who are interested.