Saturday, December 1, 2012

PhoneGap SQLitePlugin for iOS & Android in separate projects

I have now setup the brodyspark user in and moved the iOS and Android versions of the Cordova/PhoneGap sqlitePlugin to the following locations:

There is now a file in the old location to direct the users to the new location.

The project was moved by first renaming the old chbrody user to brodyspark then renaming the Cordova SQLitePlugin fork to PhoneGap-SQLitePlugin-iOS. In copy of the project, the iOS and Lawnchair adapter directory trees were removed to make the Android version using a git filter-branch command as described in this stackoverflow answer. Finally, the Android version trees and documentation in the were removed from the iOS fork.

The sqlitePlugin offers excellent reliability and much more flexibility in storage size than the built-in WebSQL database. In comparison, there have been postings in the phonegap group about reliability problems with the built-in WebSQL database including this one for the Android version and this one for the iOS version.

The next major step is to provide better support for encrypted databases using SQLCipher. I had already made some posting about integration with SQLCipher in my old mobileapphelp blog but would like to describe a more generic procedure using PRAGMAs sometime in the future.

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