Thursday, November 29, 2012

Creating my first LinkedIn group

I was thinking about what to blog next until I ran into some discussion on LinkedIn about why it is so hard to find good Javascript developers. I suggested CoffeeScript, which had really proven itself over the past few years, and got some nasty reactions which led me to some ideas. While already has an active mailing list, I did not see such a group and decided to try starting one.

My experience starting these kinds of things so far is relatively limited to things like starting blogs on Blogger, starting a Google mailing list (mostly to capture some important correspondence that I can link to), and registering some dot-com names so this was still a new adventure for me.

It turned out to be quite simple to get started. I just went on the LinkedIn page under Groups and pressed "Create a Group". When I saw the form I was happy that it would be so easy to create the group. For the name, I thought of "Alt2JS" that could very quickly describe the purpose of the group. There was an option to add a logo and I decided to consider a brave attempt to add a decent one.

I have already found the Google Drive to provide some very good online tools and wondered if there would be a good online logo application. I tried searching "make logo online", got a few nice results, and decided to try Logo Ease. I found it was very easy to understand and use to create a simple but very decent logo and was able to upload it very quickly. (I will describe my experiences in a future posting.)

When looking at the form, I next thought of registering a domain for alt2js just in case it may be handy in the future. I was very happy that was still not yet registered so I went ahead and registered

So now I filled in the Group Name, selected the Group Type (Professional Group), Summary, and Description. The one critique I had was that the Access option was set to "Request to Join" by default. I have seen a number of groups that had transitioned from closed to public and now I have come to understand why. So I selected Auto-Join and was happy that all the access sub-options (display in groups directory, allow members to display logos, and allow members to invite others) were now enabled by default.

To finish I pressed the button to "Create an Open Group", got a nice form to invite some of my connections to the group, and now have a nice new LinkedIn Alt2JS group.

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